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Michelle and I are running away together. This weekend. Alone. Yes. It will be fun.

Chris, where are you? I miss you!!!! *cries*

My paid account is running out. *sobs*

I had an.. interesting night. I hung out with Taylor, Alex, and Michelle. Alex and Michelle... were doing stuff. *laughs* He molested her. I am 'getting rid of' Taylors wife and marrying him ;) *giggles*

Michelle. I am going to be on aimcall you tomorrow. You better be home!!!!! <3

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[[I can't give Rachael up.. I will be playing her.. I will make sure shes active! I became attached to her!!]]

Meech!! Congrats! I still can't wait for the big wedding though!! I am so happy for you! Much love <33

I was looking at my user info and I never put my new SN on there... :( maybe thats why I don't get love!!

RachaelleighAC use it!!!!!!
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I have never been so happy to see my inbox in a long time. *smiles*
Chris-Call me later?

I will edit this later
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>:O on spammage!!!

Wow! Its been a while. I have been soooo busy!!! Fearless is going to be staring soon! I am so excited to be having a TV series!
FearlessCollapse )

I have new icons!! Yay!! LOL. Check them out!

Wow, I open my friends page and DRAMA. Like whoa! LOL. A lot of its petty bullshit. *rolls eyes* high school shit. Shit! The GC CD(yeah, Young And Hopeless.. the cd thats been out for a while now) rocks! I finally had time to sit and listen to it and love it! If your like me and put off getting the cd BUY IT NOW!!! >:O.

I cannot wait to hear the new Britney album. I read some of the lyrics and damnnnnn! Some hot shit ;)

Thats all.
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I somehow repel guys.. I don't know how but I do. I like someone. I have for a while now but no matter what I do, I can't get him to notice me... in the way that I want to be noticed. Seems the sluts get men no matter what.. maybe if I fuck everyguy here I can find one...*laughs* er... no. But you know what I mean!

Better update when I feel like it;)
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Fill this out!!!!! [Sunday_8/17/03@12:06pm]
[1] when and how did we meet:
[2] what did you first notice about me:
[3] what do you like most about me:
[4] are we friends:
[5] have you ever seen me with my shirt off:
[6] have you ever seen me cry:
[7] describe me in four adjectives:
[8] if we could spend a day together what would we do:
[9] have we ever gotten in a fight:
[10] if you could give me a present what would it be:
[11] would you hug me:
[12] what do you really think of me:
[13] have we ever kissed:
[14] has there ever been anything you wanted to tell me, but were scared to:
[15] wanna makeout:
[16] is there anything you dont like about me:
[17] what makes you think of me:
[18] whats your name:
[19] am i nice to you:
[20] have we ever dated:

Im REALLY curious of the answers! FILL IT OUT!
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!! MoodTunes !! weird

*pulling her laptop up onto her bed, she logs onto Livejournal. She looks around and sips her coffee as she clicks update journal. Her eyes stare at the blank screen for a moment as she ponders what to update about... finally she begins to type*

So, these past few days I have been in an odd mood. Like, I am am happy, and have no real reasons to be sad.. yet I am. Maybe I will figure out whats bothering me later. I am too busy to care right now.

Larisa is staying with me. Her and Holly are over, really I have no clue why Larisa put up with her for so long. No offense to Holly but she is a drama queen. Major drama queen who really needs to learn to stop over dramatizing everything. She cheats on Larisa, Larisa gives her another chance. She tells everyone Larisa kidnapped her kid(WTF?!?), still Larisa gives her another chance. They fight, Larisa tells her shes not sure she loves hers anymore. Holly takes offense and they break up. Somehow Larisa was the bad guy everytime. Holly was good about making her the bad guy and it was bull shit! *shrugs*

So, I guess thats all I have to say today.

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ummmm.... rwar?Collapse )
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!! MoodTunes !! calm

perfect song, right?Collapse )

Sethhhhhh where are you??? I miss you! Come back!
Larisa... I luff you!

Wow, I see Gilmore Girls are taking over AC. Should we be scared?*laughs* I see Lauren got a journal. I would pimp her but I don't have the link to her journal. So.. everyone, got to ac_red_carpet and welcome Lauren. She rocks, shes hot and she deserves lots of love!!

Dakota Fanning has got to be of the cutest girls alive!! I just want to pinch her cheeks! I want her to be in a movie with me! And yes, she is cuter than Brittany!(no offense :-*)

God, my back is in pain. Meh. It sucks.

You know what else sucks. When people are so self-absorbed, every word out of their mouth is about them. *rolls eyes*

Okay.. wow I am rambling and I bet no one even read this!


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!! MoodTunes !! crappy

*touches the wound on my head lightly* So, I wrecked my car yesterday.. I was driving really late at night and a dog ran into the street. I swerved and hit a pole. I am okay, a few cuts and bruises here and there. *bites lip* a little freaked out. That was my first.. REAL car accident. I am terrified to drive now*laughs quietly* I am going to lay down now. I will update later.


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!! MoodTunes !! awake

eh. It feels good to be out there and being social again. *smile* I guess I got what I needed. :D. Where the hell is Kirsten?? She is never around. I should kick her ass huh? Eh.. Larisa.. thank God. (If you want to know what I mean IM me later.. although I think your smart enough to figure it out.) Holly... better luck next time. *snorts* Uhm.. Keira, your hot. The end. Seth, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!. Eliza.. I miss youuu, I wanna go swimming. ;). Mercedes, did you die???

Yeah. I am done

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!! MoodTunes !! giggly

Time for another bithcy Rachael update.

Michelle is a slut. Yeah, I cared about her. I loved that ho but obviously that wasn't enough. I did some...."research" on her. Some stuff I found out was just... theres no word for it. She is nothing to me... she has cheated on half the men she was with. Tyson was ALWAYS the one I wanted her to be with. She screwed him over after he was so great to her...

Speaking of Tyson.. I had an ODD dream about him.... *giggles* and I'm not telling about it..

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!! MoodTunes !! bitchy

I know.. I have been pretty emo and shit for the last few days.. I am sorry!! I have too much shit going on... *sighs* And I am amazed by how self-centered, how in considerate and how skanky some people can be! OMFG!!! When a you have a gf and a bf(at the same time) and your STILL not happy and have to go after OTHER peoples girlfriends.. thats sad. I am sorry. *rolls eyes* Thats the fucking definition of skanky. Is it THAT hard to be loyal?? People are dumbasses and they suck.

I am going away for a while.. I will be on AIM as much as possible and I will update about where I am and what I am doing, but I really need to get away.. one, because people piss me off, and 2, because I am so stressed out I am LETTING them piss me off... which isn't good. *sighs*

there is a box that you can click... its called spell check, its quick and easy... USE IT!!!!!

I am sorry for being such a bitch.. *slight smile*

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!! MoodTunes !! blank

So yeah, as ya'all may have heard. Michelle is engaged....... to Tom. *bites lip* I knew that would happen... I knew it was all too good.. whatever... Matt where are you?

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*sigh* [Friday_7/18/03@7:04pm]
*picks up the phone, dials Matts number and listens to it ring, leaves a message on the machine*Collapse )
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*shows off sexy layout*ac_rachel
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I haven't been around much. *shrugs* I took a break. Drove around. It helped a bit, I feel a little better. Still confused about something but that'll be over soon. I hope*laughs* A sad Rach isn't a fun Rach..:-( *smile*
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Emo [Friday_7/11/03@2:46pm]
I think everyone is allowed to be sad and depressed. And now is my time...me being emoCollapse )

That was probably my first REAL post! *puts on my fake smile, hits update and lays down*
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Wow, I haven't been this happy in a long time. Meech, your the best and I am glad to have you in my life.
Because I heart MeechCollapse )


I am planning something special for Meech*grins* Yeah*nods*

I watched the Ring for the first time. I KNOW THAT'S PATHETIC!!! I meant to see it sooner but I was scared! I FLIPPED. I was watching it and the phone rang towards the end and I jumped a mile screaming "No", didn't answer the phone. I called my mom later and informed her that I had 7 days to live. Then, I was on the phone with my mom, sat down on the couch and the TV turned on. I was like,"shit!!" The remote was under the cushion. *sigh of relief*
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eeep!Collapse )
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So, Meech is coming to stay with me*smiles* it'll be nice to have the kids around, I love kids. I am glad to be with someone who understands me. *grins* Meech is the best and I know she has been though everything I have and more.
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Happy Birthday Meech!!!!
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DEATHCollapse )
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ClaireCollapse )

SethCollapse )

So, I finally was able to get to Claires party. It was really fun. I didn't stay downstairs too long. Heh. I am a little sad. They had good stuff and I didn't take advantage. But, I am sure there will be more partys. Hehe. I was a little distracted at that party.. heh.. Seth is terrified of Gummi Bears and he wouldn't tell me why. Hmm.. I think Manda knows.
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I love hot monkey sex with my monkey lover.*dies*
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*sits down and signs online. Goes to Livejournal.com and clicks update journal*
Okay, so I felt fine earlier, then all of a sudden. I am sick. I mean, I got offline and slept for about 4 hours, woke up. Stood up and almost collapsed. I have no clue what is wrong with me though. *smiles a little and moves hair out of my face* I should take a shower, maybe I'd feel a bit better. I better feel better by Wednesday! That would suck. Yeah. After all the "time" it took to decide on a costume(with Claires help.) I opened my friends page earlier and I couldn't read all of them. I rented Don't Say A Word and They last night. Still haven't watched them. I will later.
AJ took my cat. He said it'd be for the best because I called my cat 'Fatty' and 'hey you'. So, he names the damn thing Inbox!! *smiles*
I am going to stop typing now because I have no clue what I am talking about.

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Kirsten is trying to spam me to 1000. I bet her $5 dollars she couldn't.. she won't make it! Time is running out! Tick Tock! HEHE.
Claires PartyCollapse )

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to kiki [Monday_6/16/03@2:57pm]
kirstenCollapse )
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Okay, I just watched Drop Dead Gorgeous. Brittany Murphy and Kirsten Dunst are hot. *nods*.
I also just saw The Jimmy Kimmel show. I think that's what it was and Seth Green was on!! He was "talking" to a prarie dog. Funny stuff, uh huh. It was great. Theres a website (www.sethgreenonline.com) you go there and click "Beta Game" and you can dressor undress Seth Green, and choose outfits. *laughs* Fun stuff... fun stuff.
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!! MoodTunes !! amused

I feel bad! Someone IMed me, I didn't catch their sn, but I think it was a newbie and it asked if I was going to accept the message. I accidently clicked no. Haha, I feel bad. I guess its okay. I have my pizza bites. mmm. Well, I am so excited about my show, Fearless that is coming out. I hope it does well. And I have a movie called 11:14 coming out. That should do pretty well. Its a drama/thriller. Plot:The events leading up to an 11:14 PM car crash, in reverse chronology. So I am pretty excited!
KirstenCollapse )
Adams SongCollapse )

I cannot get that out of my head!

*pimps* seth_foryou

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mmmm pizza bites
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*pimps* [Wednesday_6/11/03@11:22pm]
milo_ got a journal*grins* go welcome him!
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I need a man....-laughs- My house is big and dark and scary and when I am home alone at night I am scared-laughs- there is a tree that hits the glass door and its like.... a scary movie.-grins- I can't help but think at any minute a man with a mask is gunna jump in and.... AHH-hides-
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I get to go see GC tomorrow night!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!
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No matter what Kirsten tells you... [Saturday_6/07/03@11:53pm]
ITS NOT MY FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!
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!! MoodTunes !! accomplished

I am soooooooo bored. I am going back to LA tomorrow night! YAY! I miss my house! I am in New York right now. I went to visit my family and friends.
AJ:When I get back call me so we can go get lunch and dinnermaybe breakfast ;-)
Well.. thats all.. buh bye!

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!! MoodTunes !! ecstatic

-sings and dances around-
Why do you do what you do to me baby?
Shaking my confidence,
driving me crazy!
You know if I could I'd do anything for you
Please don't ignore me cause you know I adore you
can't you just pretend to be nice?
could you at least pretend to be nice?
If you could just pretend to be nice?
then everything in my life would be alright

-laughs- I am bored-nods- well, I left Malta:-( but yeah, I HAVE to hang out with Liv and Chelle again soon... I had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much fun!!! LOVE YA BOTH!!!!!

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Take me to a place where the magic between us becomes real.
Take me all the way,boy I want you to,lock me in your heart and throw away the key. Show me love the way it's supposed to be. Lock me in your heart and never let me go,I must confess you are the best.
So baby come and take me

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HELL YEAH! [Saturday_5/31/03@6:44pm]
!! MoodTunes !! excited

Liv is coming to Malta!!!!!!! I AM SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!! We(Chelle, Liv, and I) are going to be all meditteranean and shit. Liv and I talked about wearing togas and shit. HAHA.

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Michelle Branch:Are You Happy Now?

WATCH THAT VIDEO!!!! She looks hotgood in it!
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